Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I access .onion links?

To access onion links you need to download and use the Tor Browser found at

Are Dark Web markets illegal?

In most countries viewing/browsing of Dark Web marketplaces is legal. However nearly every country has laws against purchasing of illegal goods/services. Accessing Dark Web markets comes with some risk.

How do I remain anonymous?

While no guide can tell you everything to do generally follow these steps to ensure anonymity.

  1. Use a secure OS like Tails or Qubes.
  2. Use Tor Browser on a secure OS.
  3. Use public internet or hotspots.
  4. Never share personal information.
  5. Use crypto to purchase things anonymously.
  6. Do not engage in illegal activities to limit becoming a target.

Are Onion Links safe?

Like the regular internet some sites are safe and some are not. Onion links generally have a higher chance of involving illegal or illicit material so exercise extreme caution when browsing.

What types of sites are on the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is home to many types of sites. Facebook and the CIA both have sites on the Dark Web. So do groups associated with terrorism or violence. The Dark Web has all types of content.

How can I be sure the website is safe?

Scams are all over the Dark Web. To keep yourself safe always ensure the site you are using is reputable and be cautious of clear scams. Remember the core components of a scam.

  • Unexpected communication that you did not initiate.
  • Request for personal information.
  • Asking to transfer money, pay fees or purchase gift cards.
  • Promising you some benefit or money.
  • Threatening you with fines, debts or jail.
  • They give you urgent deadlines to respond or act.

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